• Overview

    New Atlantic Technology Group, LLC's list of services is listed below. Please contact us with a short description of your project to initiate a discussion. Even if you are not sure what your exact needs are, please still contact us and we can assist you in the scoping and prototyping process, as we are always looking for new challenges.

  • Custom Software Development

    This is our core service. Please review out technology, skill and experience matrices as well as the high-level description of our business processes in relation to this service.

    By Core Technologies: Operating Systems: MS Windows, Linux, Sun/Solaris Technologies and Languages: C/C++, ASP, Visual Basic, ASP.NET, VBasis.NET, C#.NET, JSP, J2EE, J2ME, Swing, PHP Frameworks, Libraries and IDEs: Visual Studio.NET, NetBeans, Eclipse, Spring, Struts, SharePoint Database Engines: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase

    Application Server Environments: Microsoft IIS, Apache Tomcat, JBoss

    By Systems Architecture: Client-Server based back-end systems Front-End and GUI Application Development Multi-tiered web-based Application Development, Thick/Thin Clients Enterprise Architecture(EA) and Enterprise Integration Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (SAAS) Legacy Systems Modernization and Integration Social networking systems, Web 2.0 Cloud Computing, AWS Numerical and Scientific Software and Algorithms Development

    Numerical algorithms for massively Parallel HPC Architectures

    By Functionality and Industry Verticals: High-Volume Transaction Systems, Web Transaction Applications. Industries include healthcare, biomedical/biotechnology, financial services and social networking sites Multi-tiered web-based Application Development, Thick/Thin Clients Enterprise Architecture(EA) and Enterprise Integration Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Software as a Service (SAAS) Legacy Systems Modernization and Integration Cloud Computing Numerical and Scientific Software and Algorithms Development, for Massively Parallel HPC Architectures Operational Data Store, Data Mart and Data Warehouse for textual and image-based business information; Star and Snowflake Schema, ETL Data Mining, Data Clustering, Hypotheses generation and Knowledge Discovery in structured and unstructured large data volumes Data Visualization Medical Imaging Manipulation, Transformation and Analysis Open-Source technologies and Development Process Online Content and Document Management systems, CMS

    Reporting and Business Analytics Systems Design and Development

    Engagement Process Description

    We deploy a highly-structured and mature implementation process for every product development engagement regardless of the exact nature of the technologies it utilizes and its scope. The exact level of formality exposed however is up to you, our customer, depending on what you would like to see.

    Most of our customers prefer us to utilize a Rapid Application Development process that deploys the majority of the elements and sub-processes that are part of what is known as agile software development methodology.

    Generally, young companies (and/or for projects whose objectives are the creation of a quick proof-of-concept prototype) choose this mode as it minimizes the necessary implementation time and assures a very immediate level of communication between the business logic champions and our implementation teams. Others, usually for projects that involve development of additional features in highly complex, existing mission-critical systems, prefer us to adhere to a more CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration)-compatible Software Development Process. This classification is an industry-accepted framework for consistent quality delivery of software products and services, and has become the de-facto standard for effective IT organizations. It was put forward by SEI (Software Engineering Institute).

    Upon signing the development Contract, a Project Manager resource is allocated and assigned to the new project. This person is the focal point of all communication regarding the process definition and status updates from us to you, our customer. The Project Manager will pull all the necessary design, development, QA/QC and other technical implementation resources needed for the project, based on the time table and deliverables outlined in the Contract. He/she serves as the main point of contact, for all status updates, scope and problem resolution discussions so that the milestones are reached on time. This person is usually local to the project engagement, or is at least capable of face-to-face meetings as frequently as necessary for the smooth project execution.

    After the successful completion of the development and implementation phases, we offer second and third level support options for the functionality we have developed. The Project Manager guides you in defining and instituting the SLA ("Service Level Agreement") that makes the most sense for your organization. This SLA is usually renewed on an annual basis see our support options here).

  • IT Consulting

    • Information Technology Assessment
      We will analyze the existing information technology you are using in running your business and will help you develop a plan for achieving the right IT balance for your business. We will also factor in competitors, technology vendors offerings and your existing budget in designing strategies and planning for the right match.

    • Custom and Off-the-Shelf Application Evaluation and Assessment
      Our consultants will meet with your IT staff, users and customers (if needed) and review your IT needs in a particular application area for your business. We then make recommendations as to how to satisfy your business needs with appropriate packages. If you utilize custom application development we will conduct a thorough review of the functionality of the custom application, and certify that it adheres to the corresponding business processes.

    • Custom Application QA/QC, Technology Assessment and Certification
      We will perform an extensive functionality, design and implementation QA/QC review of your custom application regardless it is developed in-house or by an external third party. Functionality and implementation will be assessed against best design, coding and implementation practices, for the specific set of core technologies it uses. We will also perform source code reviews to assess the adherence of the low-level coding practices to the accepted industry standards. If required, we will certify and/or asses and suggest compatible or more robust technology and design and implementation mechanisms for the desired functionality in the application.

    • Infrastructure Assessment and Planning
      We will review your business plans and growth projections determining what infrastructure levels are projected for the expected business growth. We will then develop a plan to ensure the proper match exists keeping in mind your existing budget and organization. We will continue to assist you in the process to make sure that the plan is successfully implemented.

  • IT Management Consulting

    • Virtual/Interim IT Director/CTO
      A member of our team can serve as an Interim Director of IT or Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for your organization while we assist you with defining the role and successfully executing the search for the desired position. All product definition, development and implementation duties of the corresponding role will be executed so you will be on tract with the product development objectives. Alternatively, you could elect to have us serve as your Virtual CTO or Director of IT, in which situation your organization will choose the duration of the engagement without paying up front for the position and immediately benefitting from our expertise.

    • IT-related Intellectual Property (IP) Assessment
      We will come in and review the current development Contract between your organization and your development partners, and will assess the level of shared IP (Intellectual Property) entanglement as it relates to your business processes and the information technology tools you are co-developing. We will then advise you regarding the level of implementation maturity as well the perceived points of IP contention, and how to best resolve the contention from product development standpoint with a minimal possible disruption to your product rollout projections.

  • Technology Partnerships

    Over the last several years NATG, LLC has been involved in several long-term technology partnerships with early-stage companies. For those companies, we provide a one-stop-shopping for services they need.

    We will assist them in defining and scoping their product line, developing their budget and other business plan projections as they relate to technology and staffing. We will then work with them to make the best-of-breed technology selection and, product development, implementation and support model that make the most sense for their capitalization model. Based on how quickly they want to reach market, NATG can offer an immediate design, development and implementation resources allocation, or assist the Company in selecting other teams or building their own, in-house resources.

    In such cases our management team can assist the young company in practically all important processes and decisions in the technology and the initial product development phases, possibly serving as their Virtual/Interim C-level technology executives. Additionally, we can help jump-start the Angel or VC capital search if desired by the company, through our numerous contacts with the VC community in the Boston area.

  • Analytical Services to i2b2 Adoptees: Correlation Analysis and Relevance Networks

    NATG, LLC provides a host of technical, implementation, interpretation and support consulting services designed to facilitate organizations utilizing the Correlation Analysis Cell and the Relevance Networks methodology in cross-analyzing large data volumes. Please review the list of specific expert consulting services below.

    Correlation Analysis Cell installation, configuration, as part of the i2b2 core Hive Computation setup, inter-correlations vs. intra-correlations, cross-concept correlation, running and persisting computation results for later interpretation Correlation result interpretation: cases of different metrics (Pearson's linear correlation coefficient, Mutual Information Content (MIC), Eucledian distance etc.) Interpretation of results: cases of valid interval finding and cases in overlap computation Clustering of data based on correlation computation profiles; compare with other common clustering techniques and statistical analyses Hypotheses generation based on RelNets formed as a result of correlation analysis Visualization of correlation results ("RelNets"); generating networks as GRAPHML files; viewing/manipulating Global network analysis: scale-free networks, RelNets, general binary nets Local and global network connectivity analysis, metrics: centrality, closeness, other custom measures Open source code support for implementers and developers: computational algorithms, concept ontologies, concept data retrieval

    Please contact us for scheduling an informational phone call and/or a presentation to hear about how we can help you address your analytics needs with the Correlation Analysis Cell.

    We offer similar services to organizations that do not currently have the i2b2 framework implemented but are interested in exploring how correlation analysis in particular and data mining, data clustering and statistical analyses techniques in general can complement their existing analytical tools. Please write us to initiate a discussion.